I have been writing all of my life.  My interests are focused primarily on true stories because every one of us has one.  Peeling back the layers I find that most of us have fascinating histories that include the many challenges of being alive.  Always looking for the lessons and the inspirations of those I write about I have found that this interest has helped me to stretch and grow as well.  If you wish to contact me my email is annepenn13@gmail.com or you can find me on Facebook

The first two editions of Murder On His Mind Serial Killer have been published in 2017.  The second edition contains my personal connection to the murder victims from Ventura, CA in March 1980.  The second edition also contains my family story that I am very proud of.

It is important to note that although my family is connected to this story that this book was a project that encompassed years of studying serial killers as well as investigations into what I believe is the mindset of this particular person with the monikers East Area Rapist and The Original Night Stalker and more recently the Golden State Killer.  This book was written to honor the victims.

In addition I have included profiles written by professionals as well as investigators who worked the cases.  The topics covered are DNA and what has been done to test DNA and evidence in these cases.  Cold Case issues, rape laws, study of serial killers and the possible causes that create this type of killer.  I have included the Table of contents in another post on my site.  I think that those who do not know about the crimes will find this book of interest.  I also think that those who know the case inside and out will find this different perspective important to consider because I was in Sacramento not far from some attacks in 1976-1978.  It is stated in my books that I have long believed the serial killer is still in the Sacramento area and that he has never left.

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UPDATE: April 25, 2018 Joseph James DeAngelo, Jr. was arrested in Citrus Heights, CA – Sacramento County.  His DNA was a 100% match.  Although innocent until proven guilty he now sits in the jail in Sacramento County where he began as the East Area Rapist.  He allegedly committed these crimes (if proven guilty) while working as active Law Enforcement.  I had always thought he was a cop although I thought he may have started that career later on.  Apparently he was a policeman in Visalia and then in Auburn, CA.  Fired for shoplifting a hammer and dog repellent in 1979 in the attack zones of Citrus Heights, he became the Original Night Stalker beginning his murders in earnest in 1979 down in Southern CA.

Now charged with 13 murders including Claude Snelling from Visalia, and the murders of the Maggiore couple February 2, 1978 DeAngelo has also been charged with the murders of Lyman and Charlene Smith in Ventura, CA.  The Maggiore’s were gunned down in Rancho Cordova, CA also in Sacramento while walking their dog.

You can imagine all of the victims and all of the victim’s families are more than extremely relieved that the wait is over.  We now have a name.  Thank you to all for your support and your work on this case.  Thank you for all of the combined efforts of all who cared and who were interested in this case.  You are and always will be appreciated.

October 1, 2019 UPDATE:  In October 2018 I released the book The Creep Among Us after I interviewed people who I needed to ask about how the perpetrator was missed and never arrested.  Of note was DeAngelo’s arrest in 1979 in the attack zones of East Sacramento for shoplifting a hammer and a can of dog repellent.   This was also the neighborhood he was finally found in and arrested in – his attack zones had become his home.  I had predicted this was where he still was after all of these years.  I could not believe that he was not investigated then especially since he was a cop.  So I interviewed and asked questions.  The result after asking and investigating, some of the answers about  what happened were released in this book.    Thank you to those who have read it.

In addition, I have just released the information and stories of possibility from 1960-2018 as the alleged killer could be tracked in movement and over time.  Evidence never discussed in any publications regarding the alleged perp and also information on the Zodiac murders along with witness statements and timelines, MO and again with evidence never before discussed has culminated in WHAT IF?  Golden State Killer – Zodiac SOLVED.  It is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.  It will be on Barnes & Noble by next week October 6 or 7th.     WhatifFULL COVER_6

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